Technical Workshops

Our learning program is well-known for its highly experienced trainers, provision of access to cutting-edge products for skill improvement, and improving career prospects. Techosquare’s goal is to produce a superior, agile, and flexible talent pool for industries to make the most of.

One-on-one Instruction

Our holistic approach to the embedded systems curriculum gives the best possible chance for students, by serving as a bridge between their previous education and professional demands, and professional employees, by boosting opportunities, to enjoy a long and successful career.

We provide Job-Focused, Live Industrial Training to ensure a smooth transition to the professional world for students, opportunities to work on real-time projects under the mentorship of highly experienced trainers (who also happen to be industry experts), and access to the best tools and methodologies used in the industry.

Also, Technosquare constantly adds new courses to stay on top of the latest industry developments and demands.

Workforce Instruction

Technosquare is not restricted to training candidates alone, we also help organizations improve the contribution of their workforces in a variety of ways.

Our Corporate Training programs allow employees to stay up-to-date with the latest tools and technologies. We also help re-train them in order to stay in touch with the constantly evolving industrial demands.

Such skill workshops can take place through demonstrations, case studies, real-world projects, etc. – all in the form of flexible plans so that employees can hone their skills at their convenience.

Internship Initiative

By associating with Technosqure, candidates can be a part of a unique experience: Graduates gain exposure to working in real working environments all across the United States through our internship program.

Such internships mix secondary knowledge of the classroom with firsthand practical application, resulting in holistic learning experiences. Other benefits for the candidates include networking events and hands-on training sessions.

Traineeship Initiative

Apprenticeship is widely recognized as one of the best ways to develop a promising career, but the opportunity to undertake one is rapidly disappearing in the cutthroat embedded systems environment. Technosquare allows candidates to undertake a fully-paid apprenticeship with several benefits.

Candidates get the chance to gain a versatile learning experience through our rotation system, develop under the tutelage of well-regarded mentors, tap all the advantages afforded by classroom training, and have access to generous benefits. This way, they get enjoy the best of all worlds.