We provide proactive consulting, design, development, and scaling of the robust web, mobile, and custom software solutions that fuel innovation and deliver digital success!

At TechnoSquare, we consider each project to be significant in our development. We, therefore,
promote ourselves as a boutique digital firm that offers Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, and start-ups
all over the world customized, industry-best digital solutions.

Our Services


Cloud is no longer a novel concept as many businesses have previously adopted it, and many more are doing so right now.

Information Management

Technosquare assists businesses in maximising the potential of information both inside and outside the company.

Advisory & Strategy

Every firm faces ongoing pressure to save costs while pursuing strategic objectives, enhancing core services, and operating more effectively.

Embedded Development

Technosquare’s extensive experience in handling embedded system software development has allowed us to make a successful jump to the development side of the Automotive sector.

Industries We Serve

  • Financial & Banking

    Our banking solutions are made to assist banks in gaining extremely detailed customer insight from their current data.

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare, The situation of healthcare is transitional. Regulation, payment, medical research, and new technologies, demographic changes

  • Retail

    Technosquare assists its retail clients in gaining a better understanding of their customers, transactions, and business processes across all channels.

  • Insurance

    The insurance analytics solutions from Technosquare offer a special fusion of cutting-edge analytics methods and industry expertise.

  • Manufacturing

    Cost control, spotting fraudulent claims, and boosting customer satisfaction is important in today's cutthroat global market.

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