Applying for a job directly is certainly one method of approaching your job search, using a professional recruitment agency can provide a number of additional benefits that go beyond simply getting you an interview. 
In this blog, we discussed five things a recruitment agency can do for you that you won’t get when going it alone.

1.Careers Guidance & Mentoring

We are skilled in our areas of Best Recruitment Consultants in Bangalore, so we know our clients and industries inside out. Because of that reason we can offer careers advice if required and can help you make sensible career choices that take you one step closer to your ultimate career goals.

2.Insider skills

We know very well about our clients and often meet with them, which helps us find out what exactly they are looking for in candidates. Talent Track has insider knowledge about the role and the company that you won’t find on a company website or job advert.

3. Preserving Time

By apply jobs directly to companies can be a lengthy task, time-consuming method. while using the option of a recruitment agency, your resume will be sent straight over to the hiring manager and we can easily follow them for an update. suppose, if your resume does get rejected, we can contact them for feedback and this will help us better tailor your CV for future positions.

4. Interview Preparation

Our recruitment team will always ensure that our candidates are fully prepared. We are always touched with our candidates for updating the interview details like how many rounds,contact person and what type of questions they will ask, etc..
In case, When you try directly to a firm, they often just come back with an interview slot. We take the time to find out exactly who you will be meeting and what their interview technique is like. Knowing exactly what will the interview process that you know correctly what to prepare for, and you will be more confident in attending an interview.

5. Negotiation & Managing the Offer

We always give more importance to push our clients to move as quickly as possible. suppose, When you apply for a role directly, it can be more difficult to find out where they are at in the process. Talent track can follow up on behalf of you and we will keep you updated on this throughout the process.
If we do manage to secure you an offer, we will do everything we can to negotiate the best deal. It can be difficult to do this is you have applied directly as you may not want to be too pushy. We are happy to do this for you and will do everything we can to ensure that all your requirements are met. 

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